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Wearing high heels

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I know once pregnant, your balance is off a bit so wearing high heels all the time is not good (for that reason). However, I wanted to know what was appropriate. I had read somewhere that wearing flat and too high of a heel was not good. I work in a Corp. office so I have to dress business casual. I wanted to get an input from you women in regards to heels. I'm currently 24 weeks and the last thing I want is to fall and possibly hurt myself or my baby. Another thing is that I dislike flats, so I don't know what options I may have.

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I'm super clutzy when I'm pregnant.  I was wearing sneakers slipped off a side walk twisted my ankle pretty badly and was on crutches for about 6 weeks while pregnant, not fun!  So I understand about wanting to be safe.  Luckily I landed on my hands and not my belly because I was 7 months at the time (with my 2nd son).  Anyway, I asked my doctor last week what I should wear because I do love flats, but apparently they are exactly good for preggo people either.  She said to wear a wedge heal.  Something comfortable with good support, but that had a 1-2 (more if you are better balanced) wedge to it.  No spikey heals because you will loose your balance, but that wedge provides a nice flat support to stand on, keeps your legs elevated I guess - she said it helps prevent charlie horses, cramping in your toes and swelling.  She did say whatever you wear, make sure to wear good support hose.  :)

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