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week 10 of pregnancy the baby is able to hear you but what if you & your boyfriend have been fussing a little bit will that effect the baby?

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i was soo excited when i found out that at week 10 of pregnancy the baby is able to hear you, but the other night me & my boyfriend were fussing & we got kinda loud. i was curious to know if maybe that scared the baby.. .

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Don't forget for baby it sounds like when you are in the deep end of a pool. They don't know what sounds are what yet. But I will say that keeping a stress free environment does help. My sister was fussy during her first pregnancy and my neice is all sorts of wound up. But life is going to happen while your pregnant, including arguments, cheers ect ect. So don't sweat. My little bump didn't react to noise till later anyways so don't worry.
They say that it is important for children to hear healthy arguments between parents and other looked up to adults.  I can't imagine it would be different for the child inside!  Plus, they do not know what is going on.  They can just hear sounds, they cannot differentiate between your arguing and regular talking.  
The sound of your voices will likely not affect the baby, however the stress hormones on your body from arguing can be bad for the baby. There is researcch that shows stress during a mother's pregnancy can cause developmental and emotional problems for for babies later in life. HIGH stress can also cause miscarriage or premature labour, so try not to stress to much if you are fussing.
this is my first pregnancy and I've been feeling good but tend to get depressed when bedtime comes. i've grown to "envy" my husband in a way because hes not as stressed as i am..i can't help it either. but i find that music soothes me. So hopefully my kid doesn't come out a mess.  But either way, our children are going to hear some type of argument through their life right?

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