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weight gain

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i haven't gained any weight in the last four months. maybe a pound and that's probably cause i went out to eat before my doc appt. im 16 weeks on sunday and was wondering when you guys started gaining weight?

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the minute the stick showed a plus sign!  lol!  :)
Every pregnancy is different.. I lost weight with this pregnancy up until our last dr appt that was at 23 weeks and then I had onyl gained 2 lbs.. try to focus on what the dr says about the babies growth instead of the numbers. I was heavy still before I had gotten pregnant this time becuase my daughter had been born only 8 months previous... and with the morning sickness being so bad I am still down around 25 lbs from where I started at.. but my baby is growing great.. he is even ahead of schedule for his growth!! I hope that this atleast reassures you some about not really gaining weight yet =)
I didn't start gaining weight until I was around eighteen weeks. It's normal for first pregnancy gains to be off schedule. If you're still worried, talk with your doctor. I'm sure everything is fine.
each pregnancy is differant some gain weight all throughout some loose and then gain back some dont gain until the 2nd trimester and some fight to gain. i have done and seen all of these but i would not worry until your doctor says something about it. but you can drink ensure to make sure the baby is getting all the nutrition it needs
Lucky you! I started gaining weight before I even missed my period. That was one of the things that made me realize I was pregnant. I wouldn't worry too much, if your doctor has said anything about it then they aren't worried.
i pretty much starting gaining weight as soon as i found out for sure i was preggers!! lol now i amd 23 weeks and gained about 20 pounds so far!!
13.7kg is equivalent to 30.14 pounds. That is not dangerously underweight for a 3 year old. My 3 1/2 year old daughter weighs 30 pounds and her doctor is not concerned about her weight.It is not a good idea to try to force a healthy child to gain weight because it can lead to weight problems later in life. Give your son three meals and two snacks a day. Make sure your feeding him a well balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low fat dairy. give him water, diluted juice, and milk to drink.

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