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We're struggling to make ends meet, should I go back to school?

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Ok, y'all are my Magic Eight ball lol We juggle the money to pay the bills and it looks like this weeks check will be short. I haven't been able to find steady or even paying work. My fiancé works so hard to take care of us. Now that both boys will be in school in the fall, i am being encouraged by him to go back to school...investing in our future. I sometimes feel suffocated with our financial situation and just want to help bring in extra income, but I feel as though not having a degree has me limited as far as income and opportunities. How do I swallow all the fear ... fear of not making it, fear of success, fear of spending all that time in school and still not finding work? Swallow the fear and forge a new path?

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Please dearie.........go back to school and hope for a better and secured future......God bless u.
We are in the exact same position. In fact I'm even on Medicad and now Food Stamps things are so tight. My husband works hard and we pay and have paid our fair share in taxes for 15 years. I'm also going to need finacial help with school. I have a huge fear that I won't complete the 4 years I need while I stay at home with the kids but ultimately I know I HAVE to! In my early thirties now and once I enter back into the job market, still with no educational background, I won't be doing my family any favors. There is retirement and kids education, health care, and just plain living to think about for so many years. It's a good investment of both our time and energy and we owe it to the wonderful men in our lives right now who are supporting us. This way when it's our time to contribute we are going to be getting paid our worth in careers we enjoy. My heart goes out to you since it's very overwhelming and I feel the same as you.  
If you aren't married yet now is the best time to go back to school, especially if you have no new babies and your kids will be occupied with the same thing. Financial Aid is very abundant for "single" women and as soon as you make things official all that extra help becomes very limited and more competitive. So take advantage now while you can. Sometimes some scholarships and funding even help pay for other things like housing or living expenses. Take full advantage of ALL government help like WIC and Welfare.I know people have a negative perception but honestly these things are such a gift if you can qualify. It eases the burden that money worries can carry.But do go back to school if you can. Life is to short to pass up opportunities like that and if your given the opportunity you should take it. With the economy in a down turn its important to gear yourself the best you can for jobs. Don't let fear control you because then you pass up opportunities to not only make your life better but make your life more enjoyable. Good luck with these decisions.
Thank you all for your feedback. I have some big decisions to make. I am working hard at being a work from home mom and am building my name and my business. I'm missing two key components, and one is my degree. I have decided what and whom I am passionate about and I'm not about to let fear stand in my way.You have helped so much in making this decision. Thanks for your advice.Please check out my favorite blog:

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