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What all do I need?

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What all do I need for breast feeding?? like a pump, storage bags, breast pads, breast shield? Do I need all this?

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I used a pump, the storage bags, the breast pads and the breast shields both times before.  My breasts were so tender and sore from their suction that the shields helped!  I've already bought some to use with this baby.  I was pumping whenever my breasts became engorged and he didn't want to eat.  It also helped my husband to be able to feed our little guys.  The pads help for little leaks that come on, it's so embarassing to have big circles suddenly appear on your shirts from milk.  It's all optional depending on how you want to breast feed your little one, but I recommend it.  :)
You need:A pump, storage bags, bottles, nusring pads, nursing bras, nipple cream.There are also compresses and gel things that you can freeze/heat up to apply to your swollen, engorged breasts. ;)
Thanks =)
lanolin cream for sore niples!
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