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What all do I pack to take to the hospital for my baby?

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I way over packed for my first baby.  All I ended up using and needing was a pair of comfy jammies for me (after your first shower which I suggest you take at the hospital especially if you have a c-section), hair bands, an outfit to leave the hospital for the little one, a toilettrie bag with deodarent, your toothbrush and toothpaste, face cream (whatever you use on a daily basis that will make you comfortable), a brush or comb.  That's pretty much it.  You can bring a book or magazine but you wont have much time.  With the nurses and doctors and visitors,  your alone time is pretty limited and is best kept for sleep.  And don't worry if you forget something, the hospital will usually help you aquire it if its not too dramatic a request.
I also overpacked for my first baby. Here is what I am bringing this time...-my iPod (with relaxing soundtracks loaded up for labor)-my digital camera & extra batteries-my cell phone & charger-hair ties-hairbrush-lip balm-toothpaste and toothbrush-face and body lotions, body wash-slippers/warm socks-a comfy pair of OLD pjs that I don't mind getting ruined (last time I never even used the pjs I brought because I bled a lot and wound up wearing the hospital gowns the whole time)-maxipads - the hospital provides them, but they were really bulky-clothes for trip home for me and baby, a baby blanket/hat-infant car seat-my baby's memory book -hypoallergenic unscented baby wipes (the hospital uses gauze/water--not the easiest to get meconium off)-real food! I was starving immediately after the birth and the entire three days afterwards, to the point where I actually ate all the hospital-provided food 
for the baby, pack a couple of different outfits for your little one to come home in.  We packed a super cute and fancy one like you see in pictures for our first, but it was way too big and it was a 0-3 month, then I had a comfy, but cute thing that was a newborn size outfit (also too big) and on a lark I grabbed a onesie from my husband's college that was a premie size and it fit.  My son was 7 lbs 2 oz so he was definitely not underweight and your ultrasounds determining their size will always be off.  If you are going to overpack anyway, make sure you bring a couple of different things in case one doesn't fit.  I also just googled what to bring when having a baby or something like that and got a great check list!  :)  Good luck!
I just packed!! I don't mind over packing because thats part the learning experience of the first one!!! But i found a great packin glist i really liked on this website!! Hope it helps!!
I'm so excited about puttin her hair up in little hair pieces and things so I packed alot of hair pieces 2 outfits,rattles,binki,and I think that was it. Im so excited so I just put everything in that bag that I felt was needed. But thats just the babys bag. I havent even started on
a few outfits for you and a few outfits for you bibs hats socks for you and the baby a breast pump if your gonna breast feed snacks for you like penuts or chips binkys bottles just in case they dont provide those a pretty outfit for the babys picture and one to come home in cell phones ipods with some relaxing music cameras hair brush and hair ties lotion toothbrush and toothpaste old pjs that you dont mind getting ruined pads or pantie liners if you dont bleed that much pillows and blankets

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