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What are the differences between an OB and a midwife?

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A midwife isn't a doctor, but they can be a "nurse midwife." They specialize in pregnancy and childbirth but can't do surgery, for example.
thanks for the answer, wanted to know thay myself
I have had both a midwife and an ob doctor.  I prefer a midwife, because they are more with you.   My midwife rubbed my back, tried to help me relieve the pains without drugs.  She was almost always there when I was in labor.  My ob doctor never was there until it was time to deliver.  So during my labor and pains I just had to talk to the nurse and ask her my concerns.  I would recommend the midwife.  Yes they aren't doctors, yes they can't prescribe you anything, but they can have doctors do that part for them.  I have had better experience with a midwife than I have ever had with a doctor. 
When I found out I was pregnant I interviewed a midwife and an OB. I asked the OB this same question and the answer I got was "There are many different factors, but the main one is this: An OB is more likely to see everything as a potential problem, whereas a midwife sees everything as being a natural part of the process. You are more likely to have induced labor, a C-section, and an episiotomy with an OB". I was grateful for her honesty and had to decide if having a doctor who could perform surgery was more important than the overall experience of having a midwife. Something to keep in mind, if the midwife practice you are looking into delivers at a hospital you will have the hospital's OB staff available should you require surgery.

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