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What are the essentials for packing your hospital bag?

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I have read books about what to pack. I just want to know from other moms the essentials on what I really should pack. And also I'm having my little girl in November so what should I pack for her? Thank you tons! TJ

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here is the check list I made for myself;lip balmrobeslippersbutton up PJsnursing bra and breast padsnursing pillowunderwearsockstoothbrush/ tooth pastesoapbaby lotionshampoo and conditionerhairbrush and makeupipod (or something else to entertain yourself)cameragoing home clothes for megoing home clothes for baby (a few different ones incase one doesnt fit)Scratch mittensbaby hatsnacksPadsmy journal this is just what I have...there might be some things im missing..
wow that came out all jumbled together..sorry!
I think she pretty much covered everything. The only other thing I could think of is labor tools because I plan to try to go natural. Maybe some money for vending machines, your baby book if you want your baby's feet prints in it, hand sanitizer, lots of blankets for coming home in case its cold. That's all I can think of but if I remember anything else I'll let you know. Good luck! :)
=] Thank you
another thing that i didnt think of but what others did for me was snacks!!! it was great on my bedside table was nothing but munchies that way you dont wake the husband and you can sit there and eat away and not have to worry about others even knowing how much youve really been snacking on!! also you might want to buy a newspaper and keep for momento sake. that way you can say this is what was going on the day you were born.
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