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What are heart problems that a pregnant women could have?

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This is my 4th pregnancy, i had two miscarriages, I'm only 10weeks but i was told that i might have a heart problem because i keep fainting for two weeks already. I was told that, thats not good, so my doctor is going to sent me to a another doctor for tests. My family has heart problems history but not when they been pregnant, on both sides of my parents.

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This is something you'll need to discuss with your doctors.
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If you are pregnant and have a history of heart problems then you will need special care and need to inform your physician immediately. As long as it does not get any worse, you should look for a good doctor and take proper rest. If your doctor is not able to understand your condition, you can look for some good clinic like Justsavelives and get a good expert guidance that would definitely be of help.

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