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What are the known risks for some one with low blood pressure?

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I have had very low blood pressure with my pregnancy. They put me in the hospital and found that I have what they call Ventricular Fibrillation. It is where my blood pressure goes so low I get dizzy nauseous see stars then pass out. What are the risks with natural birth and or a C-Section?

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Ventricular Fibrillation (V-Fib) is an irregular heartbeat. It causes your blood pressure to drop because you're heart isn't beating right. Instead of a normal pumping action, your heart does a crazy "bowl of jelly" thing. It can be a serious condition, pregnant or not, and you really need to talk about your options with your doctor. I was ready to answer a normal low blood pressure question, but this is totally different! Normal low bp in pregnancy is caused by excessive peeing, and your body creating extra blood. I would ask: if you will require further monitoring (24 hour chest harness), and you're options for heart monitoring during labour. I don't want to scare you, you might have a very mild irregularity that won't cause any problems, but it really isn't worth the risks not to look into it further!
They are going to do a harness after I deliver. I already have been to my heart doctor. He told me it was up to the surgeon if I should or shouldn't have a C-Section. That's why I am asking should I get a different doctor(MIdwife) or stay with the one I have for the answers I have been getting?
I would ask for a second opinion at the very least. It is up to the surgeon on the c-section, but that's something you want to find out soon! Ask if there is an obgyn that specialized in high risk cases that you could talk to. At the very least, find a good honest doctor that's not going to BS you! I'm not a doctor (I do have some medical training though, lol, I'm not pulling this out of my ass), but I would think that surgery would be righer risk due to the anesthetic. It can do strange things to people's hearts on the best of days!

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