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What are the most important registry must-haves (and what’s a waste of money)?

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Mom's I know swear by their Boppy pillows!
I used my boppy everyday, all day long.  Also loved my bouncy/vibrating chair.  I could sit it on the counter so he could see me and I could get things done.
I am pregnant for the first time and a coworker gave me a great suggestion to get a wipe warmer. She explained that during the winter especially when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, he/she will be soothed when cleaned up with a nice warm wipe instead of totally woken up by a cold one. She said she used them for her 2 kids and it was the best thing she got because it made it MUCH easier to put her kids back to sleep after 3am diaper changes.
I also liked the wipe warmer for night time changes.  My favs were: the bobby of coarse, vibrating bouncy chair, swing (only way I could get my daughter to sleep some days), humidifier (seems like a splurge but really helps when tiny ones get stuffy or colds), I used bag baum for diaper rash (cheaper than desitin and works great my dr. even agreed with me).
OMG. the best invention for my first kid was the baby swing. My daughter was colic 24/7. Someone suggested I get a swing. I bought one that you plug into the outlet (so saves on batteries) from Target and it was awsome. Half the time she would just fall asleep in there over night. Whenever she would throw one of her crying fits and nothing else worked. That was the only thing that would work. I ended up giving it away because I wasn't planning on having another kid. Now looks like I'll be buying another one. I'm 10 weeks pregnant! :-D

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