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what are some of the most important do's and don'ts of a pregnancy???

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i work at a sonic as a cook and i am always reaching for things and lifting up heavy stuff i am very scared this is going to affect my baby.... this is my first pregnancy any words of advice??

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Certain foods need to be avoided during pregnancy. Listeria, which is caused by uncooked meats, some seafood, unpasterized milk and soft cheeses. No emptying the cat liter.No smokingNo alcohol consumptionNo more than 16 oz of caffeine per day (health providers differ on this one)Those are some of the basics, but ask your ob doctor for a list of the stuff you can and can't have during pregnancy.  My ob doctor not only gave me a list of foods and what amounts I could have of certain things, but they also gave me a list of medicines I could and couldn't take during pregnancy. 
I forgot something.  You should not be reaching up for things and no lifting over 15 lbs.  I would get a note from your ob doctor about this so that you can show your boss. 
I recommend a book I just picked up at Barnes and Nobles yesterday: The pregnancy do's and don'ts and it is in abc order...very helpful

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