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What Are The Symptoms???

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This is my 2nd question, and does anyone know what the Early, Early symptoms of pregnacy are and wahts if you dont have some of the symptoms? Does that mean anything??

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missed period (usually), nausea (which i didn't have), tired-tired-tired (exhaustion).  i found that i was hungry all the time (like every 1 1/2 hours) and i think that the increased appetite is normal.  sore breasts (extremely). not everyone is going to get every symptom so dont' freak out. if you think you are and your period is missing, go buy a test
For me it was implantation bleeding even before I got to my period date, my missed period, HORRIBLY sore breasts, I got bloated with this pregnancy and food aversions and nausea. All of that was in the first 8 weeks of my pregnancies. But it's different for everyone. If you don't have ANY symptoms you may want to consider that you have a chemical pregnancy where you will register pregnant (on a urine stick for ex) one day and maybe a negative a few days later, in this case the body will self abort if it is unable to maintain the pregnancy. This happens quite a bit and many women aren't even aware. Best bet is to go see a Doc. Good luck!
And here's a story called 16 Early Signs of Pregnancy
When I became pregnant I had missed period, sore breasts, very tired, and it felt like I had menstrual cramps which was actually the uterus contracting, and finally an aversion to any strong smells
The only signs of pregnancy i have had are a little bit of morning sickness and i am tired a lot. Thats it and my missed period. 

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