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What are these contractions?

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I'm just now at the beginning of week 40. For the last two days I've been having painful contractions that come and go... completely different than the Braxton-hicks contractions that I'm used to having too. At this point I can't even check my dilation progress because I can't go back for enough into my vagina to check it. Almost two weeks ago when I was checked I was at 60% effacement, almost 2cm dilated and at -2 station. Can early labor continue for days? I just need to know someone elses opinion other than my own since this is my first child. When I was having these contractions last night they lasted for around 10 minutes and were around 20 minutes apart for a couple hours, the spiking pain I had was in my pelvic area and lower back... these contractions aren't regular at all but so painful to the point where I have to take a breath in and stop talking for a moment. What do you think is going on? My due date is April 8th, family history has most babies being born before their due dates too.

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I'm not an expert and I was induced with my first, so I neevr got to experience what 'real' labor was.  From what I've read and heard, it sounds like you are experiencing labor pains- literally.  The best thing I can suggest is to go ahead and head to the ER, and if they check and find out you're say, 8 cm dilated, then you're already there!!!  Sometimes women will go in thinking they're in labor, and it turns out to be false and they just send them home- but at least you know.  Given the fact that you're already dilated, you're that much closer.  And remember- a due date is just an estimate- if that little guy's done cooking, he may be telling you its his time to come out! Good luck!
I agree with stefanies! Go in... it sounds like you are probably in early labor. I was in early labor for 2 days with my second baby (I just had my 4th 2.5 weeks ago). Best Wishes!!!
I'm still in the stages of early labor, going to the ER would be a bad idea but I can get a hold of my midwife. My water might have started to break this morning but I don't know for sure so I'm going to wait a few hours before I give them a call about it (to see if active labor starts or not). The baby is still moving around fine, thanks for the advice!

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