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what are these pains?

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im 31 weeks pregnant almost 32 weeks with my first child so im new with this hole pregnancy thing... an i have been getting these really bad stomach pains an shooting pains down by my private area an also my lower back for the last few days an i was woundering what they are? and should i be concerned about this? can someone please help me...

answers (3)

Talk to your doctor. Follow the 5-1 rule. If your having 5 or more "severe" pains in your stomache (like menstral cramps)within an hour and they last for a minute a piece then you may be in labor and should call the hospital to confirm your symptoms. Usually when you call they will tell you yes to come in or no to stay at home and your just having Braxton Hicks contractions. Pesky prelabor pains may seem concerning but they are just warm up for the real thing. Good luck
I am also a first timer, so my best advice would be to call your OB or midwife. Explain exactly what you are feeling. 
this is my first and i'm 40 weeks and 3 days now. right around 30 weeks i started having the same problem. i asked the doctor and he told me it's the weight of the babys head weighing down on the cervix. i was breeched twice after that and was still having the same problem, but believed it was still just because of the babies weight. i have appts twice a week, due to my gestational diabetes, and the baby seems to be just fine. i still have the pains, but they are more intense, as expected. i would say what you are feeling is normal, but ask your doctor just to be sure and to ease the stress of constantly wondering if it's normal or not. don't be embarrassed to ask your doctor anything. that's why they're your doctor, and there have been plenty before you and there will be plenty after you asking the same exact question. good luck. =D

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