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What are your due dates?

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Just curious to see where we all are. Mine is valentines day 2011 for my 3rd pregnancy. I'm 18 weeks and 3 days! :)

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mine is march 7..cant wait! i had amiscarraige last year so im scared everyday
My cousin has had 2 pregnancies and then 2 miscarriages, she's 16 weeks now and doing fine.  Hope all is well with your pregnancy.  We'll be praying for you.  Good luck
I am 19 weeks now and my due date is Feb. 17 2011, this is the date they gave me.....Jessandmike08 don't be scared i had a miscarriage last year in september and i lost it when i was 3 mths and with this one i was so scared at the beginning, but i just relaxed i started thinking positive that everithing would be fine with this baby and thanks God everything is ok, so don't stress enjoy your growing belly and forget what happen in the past, this is a new beginning and everything is in God's purpose... Wish you the best!
I am 23 weeks and my due date is Jan 10th. I am super excited! This is my first pregnancy and I'm having a boy =)
ty guys very much.
im due in feb 14
Feb 4th. I have my ultrasound tomorrow, I can't wait!
Due December 16th.. cant wait for my little boy! =)
Hey Nita - we have the same due date.  Good luck to everyone!
Hi All, I'm new. I'm due on May 5th 2011....My Birthday! My last baby was due Feb. 14th and she was born on Feb. 2nd, Groundhog day. I guess she couldn't figure out which holiday to be born on. This one is Cinco de Mayo lol!


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