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What baby theme should I use for my baby girl?

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I'm trying to decide on the perfect theme for my baby girls nursery. I like dancing bears or butterflies from what I've seen so far. I'm also trying to pick a theme that can be used for either baby or toddler because I have a 3 yr old little girl and they will be sharing the same room. Please help me to decide.

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Since they will be sharing a room you could always throw away the dancing bears and butterflies themes and go for something that is a little more open to the different age groups, like just doing a pink and brown plaid or polka dots kinda theme... they can be easily change and munipulated to fit both girls needs and is still adorable!
i would do the butterflies..they can look good in any age for a girl ..atleast up to like 11-12
I like the butterflies but there are also flower patterns that are really pretty. They could go for both. What does your older girl like? I would start with her and then work your new baby's theme in. My girls are 3 1/2 years apart and at one point they both liked princesses. While I was prego with my youngest girl the older one wanted them to have matching bedding. Try letting her have a say and see what she comes up with. It could be very interesting. Good luck! :)
I like the sound of the butterflies, but I have 2 boys and am expecting my 3rd boy, so really unless it's cars, trucks, or superheroes I'm not too much help!  LOL!  :)
We had princess flower girl wedding theme! It was difficult trying to find a dress one of our daughters loved we so we decided to go with amazon, however it wasn't a good fit so we returned it. One of my daughters friend told us to try because they have great dresses at affordable prices. So we went ahead and purchased one from Black n Bianco. The quality was great and so was the price!

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