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What is the best brand of prenatal vitamin to use ?

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There really is no best brand.  They all have the same stuff in them.  I get mine from Walmart for $4 a bottle.  The brand on them is Spring Valley.  I hope that this helped.
Most brands are the same, but i found the brand that works the best are the One a Day Prenatal Vitamins w/ DHA, they don't upset my stomach like other vitamins, plus my nails and hair have super human strength! They sell a generic version of it at CVS and other stores, but i still think it's the best prenatal vitamins on the market :)
So far I've tried 3 different types and it just depends on your body chem w/ vitamins. Mine is Nature's Best w/DHA around $8/30 day supply. Tried one from my Doc's office and the DHA made my breath fishy and my stomach flip. Good luck!
I would also recommend a prenatal with DHA. I tried several and there were ones with DHA from fish-oil that made me burp a fishy taste.  Luckily I didn't have too bad an issue with morning sickness or else that would have been aweful.  However, there are other brands that the DHA comes from Flax seed oil, or some other source and those have been working great for me.  I would recommend one of those. And it is true about making your nails stronger.

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