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What is the best double stroller without breaking the bannk??

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I currently have a toddler and am expecting a second baby in two months. We get out and go for lots of walks. What's the best stroller for an infant and a toddler? Any suggestions or things to consider? One of my requirements is that it has a cup holder for me.

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I don't know if you're near a large-ish city, but seriously, buying secondhand from Craigslist is fabulous.  Just remember to be careful where you meet someone (in public during the day is best, like at a Starbucks or something).  I live near Seattle and see $600 strollers going for $200 on there every day - most in close-to-new condition.
I have a toddler and a baby on the way and I decided to go with the sit to stand stroller. Then my toddler can sit or stand on the back and he can face my direction so we can talk during our walks. Plus the infant seat attaches to the stroller so I don;t have to take the newborn out of the car seat at the mall and places like that.  I found the stroller on for $115.
I would suggest one Tandem stroller we use, it is very convenient and lightweighted also easy to push. This stroller combines all I need and it has bottle holder as well. And it comfortable for my babies.
You might want to check out Maclaren Twin Stroller for $ 265.

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