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what is the best formula for your baby?????

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i breast feed to but theres times where i have to go to the store and my husband watches my 8 month old baby alissa and if im gone for a while and she gets hungry he can feed her baby food but theres time when she just wants milk so whats the best formula for her

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We always used the Enfamil with Lipil.  Our 2nd son was intolerant to it and became intolerant to everything except soy so that was a challenge.  I know some parents who swear by Similac.  It will really depend on what you are comfortable with.  I personally like to use brand names when it comes to what we fed our babies.  Now that they are 5 and 3 I don't stick to it as much, but as babies I did.  We bought formula on ebay and saved hundreds of dollars.  It's not as sketchy some might think.  Basically moms that have tried one on their kids, but bought in bulk sell what they can't use.  Watch expiration dates, but it does help cut the cost of formulas.  When you go to your pediatrician next or set up alissa's next appointment check with them to see what they can recommend.  The peds usually have free samples to give out too!
ok i will
organic similac

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