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What is the best way to disinfect baby toys? Is it safe to use bleach?

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I have rattles and teethers and some other toys that i got at my baby shower and i need advice on how to disinfect them.

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yeah it is okay for every cup of bleach mix a gallon of hot water soak toys for 5 minutes or so then rinse
I have used the dish washer too!  I thinks it is so much easier to throw them all in and then have the dish washer clean it all for me.  :)
Just make sure, if you do use bleach, that you rinse thoroughly.  Dreft also has cleaners that can be used on all surfaces (e.g. toys, high chairs, etc.), so you could use these and know that your little one will be safe.  For certain things (including teethers), a good washing with dish soap and a hot water rinse is all they need.

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