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What is the best way to prevent stretch marks?

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I heard cocoa butter is good for your skin, but i was wandering when i should start applying it and how often. I'm already 17 weeks pregnant should i start asap? Also, a friend suggested drinking a gallon of water a day will help. Is this true? Any other helpful suggestions????

answers (4)

The best is Palmer's cocoa butter lotion.  That lotions is specifically designed for stretch marks. I would start applying it right away.  Plus the drinking of the water thing won't help with stretch marks, but it is always good to drink 8 glasses of water a day for your health and the babies health.
I was told that there wasn't anything that could ward off stretch marks, however I've been through three pregnancies and thankully do not have any. I did use Palmer's cocoa butter stretch mark lotion in addition to the normal lotion that I put on my skin. I started the day I found out I was pregnant so that my skin would remain as elastic as possible. Also keeping yourself well hydrated keeps your skin elastic.
I used Vaseline to keep my skin very soft and smooth so it would stretch easier. It seemed to work well for me.  After my second child I had a couple white tiny stretch marks but they have faded away.  Also don;t forget that stretch marks from pregnancy can happen on your legs not just your tummy. 
I used palmers cocoa butter with my son as did my sister with her daughter religiously and my tummy is covered with them. I think it all just depends on the person.

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