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What can I do to ease the bad headaches?

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Tynenol isn't working at all & I know I can't take Motrin or anything else that contains asprin.

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Try laying in a cool, dark room. I've had alot of migraines and that helps. Also, soaking in the tub could help. You could even soak in the tub in the dark lol. Massages help to if it's tension headaches. I like to have my husband rub my head. I hope this helps some and you feel better. Good luck.
I'm sorry that the Tylenol isn't working, but try taking that and  putting a cold pack (I use a bag of frozen peas) on your aching head. It always helps me if I can fall asleep too. I usually feel better when I wake up.
I went through this in my second trimester!!! It was AWFUL... Tylenol didn't seem to even touch my headache.  I talked to my doctor and she said to take Tylenol and drink a small soda with caffeine and that will help the headache.  It worked really well for me. 

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