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What can I do to fade stretch marks?

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I had my son 3.5 weeks ago, and I have a lot of stretch marks on my stomach. I really want to know what I can do to fade them and improve the depth of the marks. I am only 21 so its really sad to me that Ill never wear a 2 piece swimsuit. Also I'm looking for an inexpensive effective solution.

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palmers cocoabutter
When my brother's little girl was born she had a cut on her forehead. I know this doesn't relate but give me a minute. They used Mederma on her and it faded the scar a lot. Now Mederma has come out with stretch mark cream! I can only assume it will be effective because I haven't used it. However, the scar cream worked wonders so I would atleast give it a try. Good luck and congrats sweetie! :)
I dont know what to really tell you.. I had my daughter about a month after I turned 21 and had terrible stretch marks.. I tried using cocoa butter the entire pregnancy and after she was here.. it didnt seem to help at all.. they did however seem to fade into little silver marks that are much less noticeable.. I have heard of the mederma that mommyofzoo mentioned and have heard that it works good but I too can not say that I have tried it personally.. good luck and maybe with time and losing the baby weight they will fade for you like mine did.. although now I am 30 weeks pregnant again and getting more lol =)
try mederma stretch mark cream or palmers coco butter

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