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what can i do to make sure i dont have a misscarrage?

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this is my first baby and im 17. I've never been pregnant before and i'm just so excited and happy that im worried about having a misscarrage. Is there anything extra that i can do to make sure that the baby stays healthy? to prevent a misscarrage? please help, im like super nervous!!! and excited :) i have my first ultrasound ever on oct. 7th... i think im about 7 weeks...

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my advice is to make sure u take prenatal vitamins, dont drink or do drugs and eat healthy..i had a miscarraige last yr and did everything right that i was supposed to. you really can  not prevent a miscarraige, sometimes it just happens..but good luck at ur ultrasound! they will measure the baby and tell u for sure how far along u r
Great advice jessandmike!  There is no real way to prevent a miscarriage unless it was due to lack of hormones, usually in women in their late 20's, 30's and 40's.  They can give them increased hormones to help them keep the baby.  You are young and it shouldn't be an issue, but that's every pregnant woman's biggest fear.  Relax, try to not dwell on what could happen, stay positive.  You are excited and that's wonderful!  Take your prenatals, drink plenty of water (limit caffeine to 8-12 oz per day) and eat healthy.  Congrats!  :)
I was a first time mom last year . i would tell u dont lift heavy things. dont stress yourself out. drink to stay hydratied. stay fit. keep all appts. take a prenatal pills. but the big risk is if u had one before so if you havent dont worry as much. you will be fine. good luck to u. i was worried to but all in all it was over nothing. i have a healthy happy 10 month old baby boy!!!
make sure you have prenatal care eat the right foods get enough rest go to all your docters appointments and you should be fine

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