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What can I eat.....

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I am 7 weeks and severally overweight. I try to eat healthy but if you put anything green in front of me, I will lose it... I need to lose weight, not for vanity but so I dont get gestanioal dieabties... Does anyone have any ideas on safe excersises. I like many others am paronid of doing something that could cause a miscarage. But any excerises and reciepes would be great!! thanks!

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If green is what makes you lose it, try fruit. Yes fruit has sugar in it, but it's a natural sugar, and if you are a person who moves around and doesn't sit idle all day, your body will use that sugar and it's better for you then granulated sugar wich mostly turns to fat. For losing weight during pregnacy, you need to be careful and not do it quickly, portion your food, try mixing whole grain pasta with the white pasta, or mix brown rice with right to lessen the dirt like taste every one complains that whole wheat nad brown rice have. As far as exercising goes while your pregnant you need to remember if you didn't do it before, you shouldn't do it now. Walk, take walks around the neighborhood, or your locale industrial park just walk at a normal walking pace.

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