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what can i expect to go through during my first trimester

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many people go through different things, some people will have fatigue , vomiting, lots headaches, and alot of women lose their sex drive. You prob wont start showing for awhile and you wont feel the baby till about 17-20 weeks. you might get lucky and just have the fatigue and headaches.
The 1 trimester is the worst. i couldnt keep down food and i was so tired i couldnt even stay awake past seven. it was different. but trust enjoy the sleep now. because after your 2nd tri, you sleep will be up and down and you are always waken up and you cant get cozy because you have a watermelon in your 
It's different for everyone, so nobody can predict exactly what you will have to expect, but just check on here for a rough guideline anyway. Morning sickness, fatigue, headaches, etc... Unfortunately, all three hit me hard! Some people I know had no nausea at all, whereas I was being sick almost constantly. My sickness has continued into my second trimester, however the frequency has dramatically decreased (thank God!) x
It is different for each woman and different from each pregnancy.  With my daughter I had a great first trimester, no vomiting, fatigue or sickness.  I am now 11 weeks pregnant with my second child and it has been terrible since the 7th week.  I am so tired, lots of nausea, vomitting about 4-5 times a day.  I can not keep food down.  This pregnancy is the opposite of my first.  I am so sick my midwife put me on Diclectin for the vomitting and nausea.  If I was not on that I am not sure how I would make it through the day.

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