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What can I expect with my second pregnancy?

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My name is Melissa, I'll be 18 in 2 months and I have a 6mo old son. I am between 4 and 6wks pregnant with my second at the moment and i was just wondering why things are so...different. My breasts are so sore and half the time I can't even move until well past noon because I feel like I'm gonna hurl. With my son I didn't get moorning sickness til I was like 8 wks and even then it wasn't bad, and my breasts didn't hurt til second trimster. I've heard that things come on twice as fast with the second baby, like showing and morning sickness...what did you have happen with a second/third baby?

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It's true or can be that you will show quicker after your first child.  I'm on my third and I started showing at about 12 weeks and looked like I was carrying twins.  Every pregnancy is different, none will be the same and it won't be an indicator of sex.  I had different morning sickness lengths with all three, I carried high, carried low, carried in the middle, my breasts hurt with one, not with the other and again with the third and all three have been/will be boys.  Enjoy what makes this pregnancy different, just like with your kids because they won't be anything alike either.  :)  Congrats on your new little one!

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