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what can i take for my allergies while pregnant???

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my doctor told me all I could do was get a netti pot for my stuffy nose,and deal with the rest when I had bad allergies in my first trimester. I went through a lot of allergy suffering!You should talk to your doctor though,because I heard different people say you could take certain things ( or course I find this out after my allergies died down..gosh darnnit!)so probably just check with your doctor.
Just check with your doctor I have awful allergies and was able to take claratin daily throughout my entire pregnancy.. I would have been lost without it lol.. just ask you never know what your particular dr will say =D
ok thanks
Call your doctor before you take anything.  You don't want to take something that has a blood thinner in it or something that increases heart rate while you are pregnant.  Usually those don't require an appointment and you should be able to get info from the nurse.

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