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what can I take for sinus infection?

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I tried to answer your question earlier, but it's not shown so I don't know if it went through.I get sinus infections often, and the only one I had with this pregnancy was a few weeks ago.  I tried to tuough it out with teas, steaming showers, and soup, but the day of my checkup I woke up feeling like I had been clobbered in the face with a golf club.  My OB gave me a perscription for some antibiotics, and said that along with them [or at any time during your pregnancy] ANY TYLENOL PRODUCTS are perfectly safe.  Ibuprofen is the one to stay away from!  I think I had gotten Tylenol Sinus, Day & Night, and it seemed to work well.  Try it out and feel better soon!
Your doctor could suggest what pain relievers (e.g. Tylenol) are safe for you and could give you antibiotics if necessary. But, try a neti pot or sinus rinse bottle. It's a bit uncomfortable (imagine inhaling some water in the pool), but it really helps to clear out your sinuses and, for me, even helps with my seasonal allergies. You can find a "kit" that includes everything you need (neti pot or rinse bottle, packets for mixing the solution, and detailed instructions) at most stores (Target, CVS, and Wal-Mart, to name just a few). Because it's not medicine, the sinus rinse is safe for you and your baby and doesn't have any funny "medicine" side effects. Good luck - I hope you're feeling better!
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