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what do contractions feel like?

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i feel this slight but NOTICEABLE pain in my crotch region ...i've had a baby before but she was an early c-section (so i've never had contractions before)...and i'm scheduled to have a c-section in a little over a week but i just started having these pains last night and a little today...almost feels like someone is sticking a needle goes away after less than a minute but its like a oww all of a sudden pain when it happens...

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it will feel like a tightening all in your lower part of your stomach sometime it will be in yout lower back too but i will start out as a dull pain then get worse.but every woman is different if your concerned call your dr he can give you a better explaination of how it will feel
Im in labor right now, I have been all afternoon.  I woke up this morning feeling like there was a bowling ball stuck right inside of my vagina.  For me, what I've been feeling, is super, super, super strong Braxton-Hicks... but not ON the belly like I've had them, more like underneath it [in the pubic bone area].  At one point, I felt like I was getting my period, so went I went to use the restroom, I had the bloody show.  This under-belly pain is also coming with lower back pain, like it feels when you lift something real heavy the wrong way.This is my second, and I was induced with my first, so this is all new to me too!
thank you both!...but i'm not too worried...yet...the pain isn't that strong yet...or frequent...and it doesn't feel like a bowling ball...but some mornings...the past few...i have been waking up and my bottom half feels numb almost but it feels like i just got off a bike after riding it fof days...or like i fell on something ...that pain goes away but it's just weird how i only feel it in the mornings...i'll start to worry when or if my water breaks before my c-section :)...i want to experiance labor and all that comes with it...but i'm not good with pain...i don't like being in pain...and i don't like pushing...if i'm constipated i can't just sit on the pot and wait for it to come, i have to get up and go back when it's i'm a little worried about possibly going into labor before my c-section date...and if i did go into labor would they still give me a c-section since i've already had one? and since according to the ultra sound tech. the baby is already almost 8lbs and i still have about 10 days to go before the c-section day...i don't know...but i do know that i'll freak out if my water breaks before the 19th!
The sharp pains down there could also be for the babys head positioning and it moving around.  I had that with my first and it would stop me in my tracks.  It felt like pins and needles  and lasted about a min. or so.

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