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What to do with the dog?

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I know this is really random but does anyone have any advice on what to do with out precious pooch? We are about 45 minutes away from the hospital so leaving him and having my husband go back and forth is not a very convient option. We don't live near very many "trusted" family members (my family is half an hour away) and his family won't keep him overnight. We have an aunt who can take care of him but in an emergency when time is key we may not have time to drop him off. I am just looking for some opinions and suggestions! Thanks!!

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How about giving your aunt that can take care of him a key to your house closer to your due date?  Call her when you're on the way to the hospital so she can pick him up. :)
what about ur vet? you could board him..
I'm not sure keeping him at someone else houyse while your having a baby is good idea. Dogs aren't sure what is different about you but they know something is and if suddley you leave they go somewhere else for a few days and then you all come home and there is this thing there that it has no clue where it came from or what it is, that might not turn out like you hope. I would look into a petsitter. Not someone who staies all the time but someone to come in a couple hours a day and feed him and take him out and love him and then let you know how he is.
Kaorie is right, actually.  And bringing home a blanket or hat that has your baby's scent on it so your dog can "meet" him/her before the little one arrives home is a great idea.
I agree with Kaorie.  You should keep the dog in your home.  We did with ours and it was good for my husband to get to get out of the hospital even if for a little bit to walk the dog and get some real food.  You will get meals while in the hospital, but your husband won't.  You will get a bed in the hospital, but chances are your husband will have a "lounge couch or lounge chair" which trust me are not comfortable at all.  With our first we were lucky to get a two bed room that we didn't have to share, but with our 2nd we were cramped in a small recovery room that only had one bed and an uncomfortable chair, so he actually looked forward to getting out to let the dog out and nap in our bed and eat...and really I couldn't blame him at all.  And then when we brought our bundles of joy home he had already taken blankies for our pup to sniff and she was great with them. 

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