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What do i need to bring to the hospital when i go into labor??

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i have seen so many lists of things that you will need to bring to the hospital and some things really seem unessisary!!

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Well I'm on #2 and I remember the things I seemed to skimp on were for me not the baby.  I really emphasize loose clothing coming home, I wore nice looking PJ’s home. I also forgot my own toiletries (really stupid of me). I also took a shower before I went home and still had to change again due to post labor bleeding. I haven’t looked at “the lists" online but if you haven’t practiced laboring with music you don’t need any CD or radio.Think more about after labor then durring.  Bring more clothes for you then the baby. Also bring your own socks, like the fluffy ones if you don’t like the hospital ones, I promise your feet will get cold.
I agree to focus on bringing extra clothes for yourself.  Some women think that bleeding afterwards is like a period but it can really be heavier.  I bleed through my pants a couple times and I did keep up on changing myself. It just happens after having the baby.  Normally only the first day or two and then the bleeding will calm down. I don;t want to scare you.

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