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What do I need to pack in my hospital bag?

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Makeup! I forgot it the first time, and after the birth I just wanted to freshen up like normal.I wear it every day though, so it might be different if you don't.
Don't forget a camera for capturing baby's first moments with friends and relatives. Possibly your own linens-- pillows, washcloths, etc. And if you're breastfeeding you might want nursing bras and pads.
As important as it is to pack for baby make sure you pack nice things for yourself too. Nice socks and a nice yet VERY comfy outfit to leave the hospital, there will be lots of pictures. Remember baby first but dont forget about yourself!
Extra undies for after the birth! They give you these gross mesh things to wear and you seem to gush tons of fluid after so make sure they are just comfy undies you dont care to ruin.
I had a c-section with my daughter and new I'd have a nice long stay in the hospital so I made sure to be prepared. And I packed my bag based on a list I got from a baby talk mag. So hear are the things I found most usfull. A comfy familure pillow it'll help your nerves and it's usefull when nursing. A bra that open in front and a shirt that opens in front if you plan to nurse. If you plan to bottle feed I sugest bringing in the formula of your choice. A comfortable pair of slippers. Your own pads because the hospital one tend to be uncomfortable. An ipod or portable cd player and maybe a book or even a portable dvd played. You never know how long you'll be in labor and who just wants to sit around and stare at the clock. You may also want to bring ice-pops the don't have and chuncks, hard candy, and/or gum. Because you won't be allowed to eat. A breast pump, bottels and milk storage bags. Your own toothbrush and toiletries. And a cute outfit or two. One to bring the baby home and one for those cute little birth pictures that some hospitals take for you. And a robe I didn't have one but I with I had. Lol. I hope this list helps. Congrats!
If your going to breastfeed bring your "boppy" mine was a life saver!!! Congrats
I brought comfy clothes for after the birth of my son.. including large comfy pants, my husbands t-shirts and extra soft slippers.  Also I was so happy that I brought along popsicles for during labor, make sure they are sugar free:).  you might think this is a crazy answer but, bring a list of people you want to call to announce the birth of your child.  I had an emergency c-cection and with all the meds and tiredness from labor I accidently forgot to call my dad! I wish I would have made a small list just because so much is going on:)
I would also say to pack an extra empty tote to bring home those baby gifts from friends and visitors. Also be sure to pack in your second trimester if you can, I was waiting for my third to do so and ended up getting preeclampsia and had to go to the hospital in my 30th week unpacked or prepared. NOT gonna happen again!
I have 4 kids, with my last two I found that most hospitals have wifi so I brought along my laptop to pass some time while I was missing my family at home. I could look at pictures and surf the internet with games and blogs to keep me busy while the baby was in the nursery or sleeping for hours on end. Also as others had mentioined, bring a couple sets of COMFY clothes, you don't want to be wearing those ulgy robes all the time.

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