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What do you think of these names Boy: Aidan Emmanuel and Girl: Elilliana Marie?

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Aidan is Nadia spelled backwards which is my daughter's name and Elilliana is my mom's name Lillian with an added E in the beginning and an added A in the end and Marie is a varriation of Mary which is my husband's mother's name?

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I really like both of these names and if my husband and I hadn't already picked out our daughters name I my secound choice would be Elillliana. It is a very pertty name and different.
I love your choice for the girls name. For the first part of my pregnancy i liked and wanted liani as a middle name for my soon to be second daughter after three boys. So am all out there for your choice. Aidan not to sure off.
my youngest sons name is aidan i love that name
Aidan is a wonderful name but keep in mind if you want something a bit different (Like your girls name), Aidan and a lot of the names that rhyme with it (Brayden, Jayden, Kayden) are all like top 10 names lately.
i love those names im naming my baby skyler mason for a boy and carlie navaya for a girl

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