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what does the sharp pains mean

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when you are 31 weeks pregnant? they feel like stabbing almost

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Those sound like Braxton Hicks contractions, which I have been dealing with for the past few weeks now.  For me the pains are in the middle of my stomach and are constant pains.  The time varies as far as how long they last.  Had a bout with them last Friday, and ended up walking the floor for over an hour.  Down to the end for me now though, I will be 38 weeks on Monday, but have had some cramps this week so who knows if I will make it through the weekend.  Maybe I will be blessed with an Easter baby!!!  Good luck!!!!
When ur stomach tightens up & get hard as a rock-BH Contractions. I have to breathe through them! I didn't realize that these were even BHC's! They are a lot stronger now that I will be 38 wks. tomorrow & sometimes I get sharp pains under my belly-mostly on the left side but I figure it's just how she's laying. Hope this helps! 
my doctor said they  are ligament pains and not to worry> she said it was just the baby that cause them

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