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what to eat?

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They say to stay away from sushi but what if it's just the hand rolls that are fully cooked?

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Your best bet is to ask your doctor
The concern is a type of bacteria that is found in raw meat - and can hurt the baby IF you get food poisoning. Cooked fish shouldn't do this to you.
I wouldn't eat it even if cooked just to be safe. They roll the sushi, wether cooked or not, in the same board so that's why I wouldn't take the risk. Now if you make it your self...that's another story ;)
I have the same problem this time around, I have been sticking with saltine crackers and cereal for the most part.  And then eating whatever sounds good whenever it sounds good so I am at least getting some food.  I have only been able to eat a real meal twice in the last two weeks so I have been living on saltines and chex!  But once Thai food sounded really good so I ordered it up then an there to get some protein in!  Good luck, it will pass!
thank u so much.. thats kinda what ive been doing .. . saltins are like my life saver

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