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What exactly is a Vaginal Ultrasound?

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I havent really heard much about them,but I have been very curious.

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its used to see the baby usually at the first ultrasound.  its a long wand-like probe.. it gets inserted into your vagina and they see the baby that way because its still too small to see on an ultrasound done on the stomach.. its also used if the gyno is trying to find things on your uterus or ovaries that are not related to pregnancy.
Vaginal ultrasounds are also used to measure the length of your cervix. The doctor will also be able to see if you are having Brackston Hicks contraction which can shorten the cervix and possible cause preterm labor or miscarriage.When I was 16 weeks I had a vag ultrasound. My doctor found that my cervix was shortening without the contractions. The next day I had a cerclage placed (cervix stitched closed). M baby has progressed well and I am happy that I had that ultra sound.

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