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What is a good middle name for Aidan?

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I am thinking of having a little boy named Aidan and I'm just wondering if anybody has a little boy named Aidan and if they choose a good middle name for him or if anybody knows of anything that sounds good with the name? I'm thinking of Emmanuel but what do you think?

answers (9)

I was going to say James too. 
how about Aiden Xavier?
How about Aiden Ray
My sons name is Ayden Anthony, but my original thoughts were for it to be Ayden Cole, Ayden Scott, or Ayden Riley. Ayden is a unique and meaningful name so anything will honestly go with it. :) I knew if I was having a boy his name would be Ayden -because if hes anything like me and people in my family hes going to be a "little fire" which is what it means :) good luck
I would go with something that starts with a strong consonant.  I was going to say Aidan James too.  Since the first name is so unique the middle name can be a little more traditional.  I personally don't like a first name with few syllables paired with a middle name with more syllables.  Aidan Emmanuel sounds like a whole sentence.  It seems like it'll be too long to say and Emmanuel probably won't end up being included when you say his name anyway.
 I personally think "Aidan Nicholas", "Aidan Nick" or even "Aidan Charles" is cute. =)
i am currently pregnant bt if i have a boi im going to name him Aaidan Christopher

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