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what is healthy?

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this is my first pregnancy, and im fairly young, going to be 19 this sept. the thing is i've always been small and i've only gained one pound, and on top of the nausea, and headaches and being sore, i'm kinda worried, especially since i'm about 15 weeks along and i havent seen a doctor yet, because we had to move because of my fiance's army stuff, and the doctor can't fit me in until aug 11. any advice for especially the feeling sick? its whenever i eat, and drive, or ride in the car.

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I would say the biggest thing you can do is rest. Believe it or not hunny it will get better. I do advice you to go to walmart or any drug store and pick of folic acid and start taking it asap. Folic acid is in your prenatal vitamin which you will get at your first appointment but it helps support you babies brain development and prevents diseases and things. It is very important to take especially early on in your pregnancy when the brain is being developed.  As far as not gaining weight... that doesnt happen until later on so no worries. It is very common to lose a few poundes in the beginning because of all the nausea. Its so hot out right now just try eating light and small portions several times throughout the day instead of 3 solid meals. That helps.  Good luck! Im having my first baby too except im 39 weeks :)
Also, hit a Target for SeaBands - they push on your wrist acupressure points and really killed my nausea, it was fantastic.  Otherwise, just read one of the articles on here about dealing with morning sickness, there are some good tips.
i had nausea to and morning sickness and it lasted untill i was 16 weeks and you should try to eat like maybe jello or a salad something lite so your bellys not to full and maybe try taking a warm bath sometimes that helps good luck :)

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