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what if my home pregnancy test has a faint positive line?

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I took 4 home test before I went to the dr.. just to make sure lol... The second line was always lighter than the first.
faint positive usually means yes.  your hormones are still not very strong and that's why it's not reading darker.  make sure you take it first thing in the am and that you have not gotten up to pee for at least 3 hours beforehand.  peeing in a cup helps because then you catch everything.  also waiting a couple of days might produce a darker line.  i also took an entire box before I was completely sure too!  :)  if you think you are, start taking your prenatals with dha now, even before your first appt and drink lots of water - do what's best for you and your growing baby.  Good luck!! :)
The first time I took a test, the line was so faint I thought it was my imagination, but I was sure I was pregnant.  So I waited a couple days (2, lol) and used first morning's urine.  The line was much darker, and I finally had solid proof of my pregnancy, other than my suspicions. ;)  Hope this helps
I got nervous the first time i tried taking the test and didnt catch enough urine for anything to show up. so i waited and did it again and this time the second line is really faint. Is it still positive? i dont have another test to take..

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