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What kind of exercises can I do after pregnancy to lose the pounds?

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I need some easy at home exercises to do at home while caring for my newborn.

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Walking will be the best way to start, in all honesty.  I'm a long distance runner, so not running really frustrates me.  I started pushing the stroller around a 3 mile track at a park and was sore all over my body and completely out of breath- from walking! Once I felt 'conditioned' enough, I hopped in the pool at my gym [this was around 5 weeks after].  Stuff that seemed easy before was really tough- but it something that just goes hand in hand with pregnancy, delivery and motherhood.Walking is never an option for me, but the aftermath of a vaginal delivery is something you can't explain- it's something you just have to go through to see what I mean!  C-sections you have to be extra careful of, since they literally cut through all of your stomach muscles.  Also, don't worry what you think you look like- other parents sunderstand because they've been there also... and people who've never had kids have no right to judge!

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