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At what month of pregnacy should you start thinking about baby shower?

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we had mine at aboout 7 months with our first baby.. =) I dont think that there is any certain time though whenever you feel like having one.. just be sure to have it soon enough that you still have time to go and buy the things that you dont get at the shower before your baby arrives..
I have mine at 7 months also. That gives you another 2 months to finish the shopping and get things put together and set up. There is no wrong time though like Maddison09 said. I think people expect you not to have it before you get to the 5 month mark since that is when you find out the sex. Good luck and have fun! :)
We had one at 7 months with our first and since we were having another boy we had one at 8 months with our second.  Some people at work wanted to get the new baby some special stuff, but the only family one I had was with my first.  Another boy this time around so I don't expect to have one at all.  :)
Round the 7th month, you're not too big yet and you still have energy.My shower was supposed to be a surprise shower at the beginning of October (didn't know about it until a few days, but things came up and it didn't happen.  Now it's the 14th of this month...and I'm due on the 29th! lol  I honestly wasn't expecting a shower, so it's kind of nice. :)

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