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what to pack in hospital bags?

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This is my first child. I have some idea of what to pack for me, but no clue what I really need to pack for the baby. I'd love any advice on what to pack for us. Also, should I pack some things for the husband? Food? The more I know now, the less I will freak out then! Thanks in advance for any advice!

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None of my labors lasted long enough to need food, books or soothing music.  Pratical things I can tell you for yourself and the baby, a long comfortable nightgown, with the breast feeding panels that open up.  Comfortable panties that will be big enough to hold the hospitals giant pads and possibly ice packs if you need them.  Slippers and socks for you - it gets cold in there.  A fingernail file for the baby's nails - they can be pretty long when they come out and you don't want to clip them while they are so young.  You're pillow if you are one of the people that can only sleep with your pillow, I was so tired I could have slept on a brick!  lol!  A camera, the baby book and any certificates you want stamped with the baby's foot print.  Several different size outfits for the baby to come home in.  Your ultrasounds give you a guess as to what size your baby will be, but take several different outfits just in case.  Our first was supposed to be over 9 lbs and he came out just barely over 7; I brought a smaller outfit someone had given us on a lark and I'm sure glad I did because it was the only thing that fit him.  Socks for the baby too, their little feet get so cold!  The hospital usually gives you a hat, but you can bring your own too.  Hope this helps!  :)
Oh - your own shampoos and soaps.  The hospital provides some, but it helped me to feel better with my own stuff!  :)
Tooth brush and tooth paste. Stuff for fixing your hair and make up if you do it everyday. I liked taking extra clothes for the baby and playin dress up while in the hospital. Plus you'll need lots of blankets for coming home in the cold months. A robe for you and clothes for going home. Just aanything that you think will help you be comfy. I think food for your hubby is a great idea and things to do to keep you two occupied while labor isn't awful are also good. Good luck sweetie! :)

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