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what should be the the firstw thing i do when i get home from the hospitle

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when i and the baby get home what should i do i am a first time mom

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Sit on the couch and cuddle your new baby!  It's the best time in the world, and NEVER be afraid of holding your baby too much.  Those people that tell you that you're spoiling your baby by picking them up every time they cry don't know what they're talking about.  Babies only want to be held and cuddled for a few months and then they want to explore, so take advantage of it as often as you can!  You'll miss it when it's gone!
I completely agree with the whole cuddling thing but you also need to take it easy. Relax don't try to do too much. Get help from your significant other, family members, friends. And you can never have to many pictures of your new baby. Oh yeah don't forget to sleep, when the baby sleeps make sure you sleep too.
Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!
Do whatever you feel like doing (with your baby of course) Feed baby, cuddle baby, and get in as much rest as possible. Put feet up and let others do the work.

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