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What should I do if there is no trust?

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Me and my boyfriend just found out we were having a baby, we are both 17 and we have had some issues lately. When I feel sick I stay at home, but he thinks that I just use that as an excuse to go out with other people. But he never wants to stay home with me. I'm sick and tired of telling him that I'm just staying home because I don't feel good, but he doesn't believe me. And we are always fighting about it, but I don't want all that stress to harm my baby because they are some ugly fights. What should I do to make him trust me, or to make things better?

answers (3)

you need to tell him that it's time for you to rest now. growing a baby is no easy job,and if you don't feel like going to see friends,then you shouldn't go.this is time for you to take the best care of yourself that you can.Make sure to tell him that you need his help in this too. If he can't rise up and be the father that he is expected to be,then I think it's time for you to leave and get help else where. You're health and the babys health is all that matters for the next 9 months (and after!) So if he is being more of a stress to you than a help,it's best to get out of that relationship now and start focusing on what is important. I hope things work out :)
i agree with aliciafair you need to tell him that its not easy being pregnant and you need to get some rest and if he has a problem with it who cares you need to stay home and rest if you dont wanna go hang out with your friends then you dont have to you need to just take care of yourself
I agree with everyone that you need to tell him and make him see that the 1st trimester can be hard. You can feel tired, sleepy and sick if you get morning sickness. Him being 17, he might not understand as an older person would but try to reason with him. Have a movie night at home. There are a lot of activities you guys can do from home.If he is not supporting you and causing more stress, then I say it's time to take into serious consideration if you really want to be with him.

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