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what time of the day should the baby move?

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It differs for everyone. The baby is usually most active when you are least active. When you are up and walking around it rocks the baby to sleep, so when you are relaxing the baby wakes up and moves around. The baby will most likely move a lot at night while you are trying to sleep.
Agreed, My baby boy moves around alot as soon as I sit down to take a rest, I work 8hrs a day on my feet the whole time moving around so I rarely ever feel him then, everyonce in awhile he will give me a little nudge, but he gets really active when I want to rest.
I also agree. which is why most babies sleep more during the day than they do a night....They're used to it.
it differs my baby boy moves more at nite when im trying to relax but he dont let me lol. but when im at school during the day he kicks me in my bladder the most(he dont like me sitting for hours at a time)

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