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What were your labor signs? How did you know it was "time"

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I have been looking at all the different typical signs but I would like to know what you experienced or heard you might experience.

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My water broke when I was 37 weeks, but I wasnt sure and I was scared so I waited till the morning to go in. It was just a slow trickle all night long. I was having contractions but they didnt really hurt, it just felt like period cramps at that point so I slept through them, when I checked in at the hospital they said I was 3 cm. A couple nights before I had noticed that it looked like the baby had dropped, she was sitting lower, it looked like everything had just shifted down. Those are the only for sure signs I noticed, hope that helps! 
I was about 38 weeks with both my daughter but my signs were:First child: Pushing down feeling followed by contractions.Second child: Mild contractions that intensified.
thank you. I went in thursday and they stripped my membranes. So now I'm 3cm but not really contracting. Today's my due date and I guess I'm headed to the mall to speed walk.

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