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What is the worse craving that you had when pregnant?

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The worst craving I had during pregnancy was hamburgers.I am not a big meat eater so for me it was gross.
First pregnancy: RED meat, mayonnaise, ice cream, chocolate candy bars [I very rarely eat these when I'm not pregnant]Second pregnancy: Mayo, ice cream, chocolate anything I could get my hands on, soda [again, not big on those or the soda]Every now and then I'd pull chicken down from the freezer for stir-fry that night, and around 6pm, decide to order the greasiest pizza I could imagine.  My husband just got used to letting me decide what we were having, and just rolling with it [angry, hungry pregnant ladies are NOT something you want to mess with, especially if she's craving something she hasn't gotten her hands on yet!].Truth is, your metabolism is faster because your body is working overtime to make toenails and eyelashes for your baby- in theory, you can eat what you want... but remember, if you stuff your face everyday and all day with the worng things, you'll start to gain even more weight, the kind that doesn't just fall right off afterwards.  Go ahead and indulge- but keep it in moderation at the same time.
With my first pregnancy I craved pickles with chicken.  With my second pregnancy I always wanted chocolate bars.  With my third pregnancy it was strawberry shakes.  With my fourth and current pregnancy I have been craving fruit and salads a lot.But I also craved during all my pregnancies fast food.  I know it isn't healthy, but come on once in awhile it is ok.  In fact just last night I was craving Long John Silvers hush puppies really bad, so I had my husband buy me some when he was on his way home from work. lolPregnancy cravings can get very bad sometimes.  With mine if I didn't get the food I was craving then nothing else compared to the food I wanted and so I would eat, but not get filled up.  Pregnancy cravings are weird.
When I was pregnant I always craved jalapenos.  It was so bad that I made my husband take me to the movies just to get nachos with jalapenos.  I even let him pick out the movie of his choice.  Bad idea because he made me go watch 1408 and I am not a fan of horor movies.  When I told him why I wanted to go to the movies he told me that I should have just gone to the store.  I told him I never thought of that.  Two years later my daughter loves jalapenos.
I know that it may not seem gross to most people but my strangest craving is McDonald cheese burgers (the greasier the better) and prior to being pregnant I never touched them.

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