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what would u do if u had a 40% chance of dying? and the % goes up every week to month?

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with my first child i died twice in the hosp. and now that im preg. again i really dont want to be close to anyone cause of my likleyness to pass during preg. and birth! i told my husband about the % of death for me and all my complications, and he told me to quit playing a poor me trip! idk what to do, yes im scared i dont have any support from him or my family! should i slip away quietly from everyone i know? what would u do?!

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well my advice would be to not dwell on anything that you might not be able to control. I say you should start enjoying the time you do have here and make sure, if you really feel you might pass, that you leave a lasting impression. But if you came back twice already then i'd say it's not your time yet so don't stress.... hope that helps;)
Whether you are currently close to people or not your passing would affect your family.  I think if you disappeared it would be more traumatic than if they were aware of your possible complications and you died.  If someone asked you how you would want to spend your last day, if you knew you would die tomorrow, what would you say?  I hope you wouldn't want to be alone, hoping everyone you left behind has forgotten you.  Dealing with death isn't easy.  Your family may not acknowledge your concerns because they don't see it as an immediate threat like you do. Maybe you should evaluate your life and find things that you might do differently and try to do them.  Put your affairs in order and make sure that there is a plan if you don't make it. If you are being constructive and level headed about the possibilities, people will probably take the threat more seriously. Your fear of death can keep you from really living.  It may be a serious concern but you should try to live your life and not dwell on it.
I don't really have good advice for you except to talk to the docs and see if there's anything you can do to avoid the issues you faced in your previous pregnancy (like a scheduled C-section just prior your due date or something).  But, as I'm not a doctor, all I can really recommend is to find a support system, whether it's in a prenatal yoga class or in the form of a therapist.  Worrying about things can be just as harmful because of the stress hormones - harmful to you and your baby. Also, my gut reaction is to smack your husband for being insensitive.  But that's just me.  Try bringing him to your next doctor's appointment - and tell them you want to discuss your medical issues with him present in an attempt to get a little understanding.  I'm sure they've dealt with something similar before.  Good luck with everything!
i think that your husband is just trying to get you to not think about it or think as much about it and while he may not have done a good job and has hurt you extremely you should not back away from everyone. if you do have only a limited time before that happens to you then you should enjoy the time you have with your family and they may not be there to support you but there are people who can be there to support you such as a counselor, your doctors, etc
i think personaly that u only pass when u lose the will to live. dont dwell on horrible thoughts like "whens it gonna happpen?" and "how much longer?" dwell on how your strong and your going to be there for those children. that you arent ready to leave this earth yet untill u see that baby grow up. there are percentages for everything, dont let your life be one no matter what. be as strong as you can be hold your head high and always know youll leave this earth when your ready you didnt go the first time, you shuld feel happy about that. your strong in heart and mind. et it show, let the will to live and see this child overcome the feeling of fear or depression. nd if your man dosent understand you or comfort you its time to move one and better your life for yourself. its always about #1. you will be in my prayers :)

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